Automatic Double Head Sleeve Labeling Machine

The machine is made of stainless steel and high quality of aluminum alloy, the reasonable, intact frame, it is easy to adjust. The feet bolt is not needed, easy to move suitable for different place.

Product Details

Automatic double head sleeve labeling machine

Ⅰ.Label sleeve thermal shrink machine

1, the machine is made of stainless steel and high quality of aluminum alloy, the reasonable, intact frame,

2, the feet bolt is not needed, easy to move suitable for different place.

3, the shrinkable film roll with adjustable locking gear, can be adjusted according to different roll 5’-10’

4, the applicable bottle is the machine square bottle and round bottle

5, without tools, the driven machinery can be adjusted to meet different bottle size

6, particular inserting label ways, i.e. inserting label, it is reasonable and convenient.

7, full automatic feeder, the flat shrinking and tension are adjusted together.

8, it is assured to low error that there is inspection of rolling label cut.

9, particular blade design, blade base can be change by free, changing blade quickly and conveniently.

10, it is easy to change the central clamping device without any tools.

11, oriental rolling label device can be lifting synchronal.

12, the separating bottle screw, oriental belt and conveyor are adjusted synchronal.

13, adopting ANCHUAN servo motor made in JAPAN and sensitive photo electricity, to insure the precision of cutting label.

14, stainless steel electric controller, adopting Mitsubishi PLC made in Japan

15, adopting advanced man-machine automatic controlling technology, main component adopts famous brand.

Technical parameters

Capacity 6000BPH-10000BPHon the base label length 500ml

Label sizeDiameter 30-125mm

Bottle diameter Diameter28-125mm

Label sleeve length30-250mm

Thickness : 〉0.035mm

Label materialPVC/ PET

Electrical power 2.5KW 380V 50HZ

Weight Approximate 950KG Including the steam thermal shrink machine

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: ShrinK Tunnel

In the case of different and irregular round bottles, square bottles and flat bottles etc, the new-style steam shrinking oven is easy to adjust and maintain. It has an even shrinking. The distribution of Iow-pressure steam drum and spouting way of steam are uniform and designed with seamless tube. The nozzle is divided to be adjustable three segments and the height, position and steam output of every segment can be adjusted respectively so as to gain the perfect shrinking effect. The whole machine is made of stainless steel with heat preservation, which not only saves energy, but also complies with the international safety standard. The stainless steel defrosting tray collects condense water. The whole machine adopts the water-proof design with the convenience of easy operation and low maintenance.
Special Manufacture
Based on the original configuration, double layer holding furnace is manufactured to take effect on energy saving and environmental protection.

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Ⅲ.Steam generator

The water is fed into the series of wholly automatic electrical heating generator by high pressure potential vortex pump made of copper with short water-supply time and durable service. A floating ball for liquid level is fixed in the water tank to automatically control the water inlet. Working system is all automatically controlled. After connecting the water supply and power supply for 5 minutes or so, it can output the steam continuously with a high level of working efficiency.

Steam generator.jpg

.Flat conveyor

 1.Side panel: 304 stainless steel wire-drawing sheet, thickness is 2.5mm.

 2.Motor: Hangzhou Jie brand

 3.Supporting leg: 304 stainless steel pressing structure

 4.Trunking and cover: 304 stainless steel, thickness is 1mm.

 5.Chain plate: Domestic high-quality plastic chain plate, polyoxymethylene (POM).

 6.Bearing housing: 304 stainless steel cage

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