Automatic Linear Type Film Shrink Wrapping Machine

1. Invert speed control. 2. Bottle entering, Auto unscrambling bottle, Pushing bottle, Heat sealing-Saw cutting, Pressing PE, Shrink, Cooling.

Product Details

Part I : The characteristic of the equipment .

1The mantle sealing machine uses hot sealing and hot cutting,the sealing is fast,the edge is tidy and with good sealing performance.This structure will need less electricity .

2The main body of the sealing cutting uses cylinder ,there are pillars on both sides .

3special protection function,when there is some obstruct at the sealing cutting ,the equipment will  be protected ,at the same time ,the alarm will ring,it can prevent the packed goods from been damaged .

4the convey groove adopts plastic steel chain net form, use for long ,it can not metamorphose,the convey is satble.

5subletting machine ,it is accurate,stable,it is convient to adjust.

6the heat part uses stainless steel heating tape cooling finthe heat energy exhale steadily,this machine can be used for long terms.

7there is PID temperature controller.

8The shrinking machine adopts the hot wind diversion kerb cycle system, the airflow can be adjustable, the heat energy can be reclaimed automatically

9Special preserve heat structureIt can both save the energy, with the security operation.

10The production process will be steady by the automatically controlling system. It can work for many hours and do not need to have a rest.

Part II :Detail Photos

Automatic Linear Type Film Shrink Wrapping machine.jpg

Automatic Linear Type Film Shrink Wrapping machine.jpg

Part III:The process of packing


 Back feeding→front feeding→bottle split machine →deflector rod machine →mantle sealing→shrinking→cooling →store


1、 back feedingIt is connected to the production line ,when the goods come into the back feeding groove, there is no adjustable barrier.

2、 front feeding:After the front feeding, the packed goods send the ordered packed goods to the bottle split machine  

3、 the split machine :This machine is made according to the requirement, it has novel structure,high efficient.

4、 deflector rod machine :It puts the goods in order when this machine is working, then send the packed goods through selaingand cutting line.

5、 the mantle sealing:The packed goods will be pressed by the top swage device inorder to avoid dumpage, then finish the film ,sealing automaticlly

6shrinking:After the mantle,the packed goods come into the shrinking oven then finish shrinking.

     7、cooling After shrinking ,this machine will cool the pached goods in the end of the machine .

     8Storethe packed goods come into the auxiliary frame ,be ready to pallet.


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