450barrels/hour 5gallon Water Line

Model QGF-450 Barrel Packing Production Line is affiliated production facility especially for five gallons barrel packing production line .It is especially suitable for producing mineral water, distilled water ,purified water .The machine is made of excellent stainless steel ,it is erosion-proof and it is easy to wash. Main electrical appliances have applied SIMENS ,OMRON product .Pneumatic circuit . has applied imported AIRTACT product. It is a automatic barreled equipment with motor ,electric unit and air three in one .

Product Details

Technical parameters:   

Model: QGF-450

Rows number: 3rows

Filling Heads: 3

Filling Volume: 5 Gallon

Size of Barrel: ф276×490mm

Capacity: 450 barrels per hour

Power supply: 380V, 50Hz, Max power consumption 2 kw+ heating 9 kw the Power consumption is only 1.75kw while the machine works as each electrical part starts intermittently

Volume of using water: Filling 9T/H; (hot)alkali washing 1.5 T/H; Purified water washing 1.5T/H

There is 12 steps during the washing procedure: 1. pre-washing, 2&3. alkali washing, 4.dropping 5&6 recycle water washing 7. dropping 8&9 disinfect water washing 10&11 finish water washing 12.dropping

Structure type: gear wheel and rack transmission intermittently;

four filling valves

Overall dimension(mm): 3700×1500 ×1600mm                      

Total weight:about 1.5Tons

Disposal explanation

The whole set of equipment is imported abroad. The shower nozzle for washing is the technology products of American sprayer company

Intellectual management, controlled by OMRON  micro-computer.

Siemens electrical element

AIRTAC pneumatic element

The whole set of equipment is made of stainless steel especially for food

Including system for automatic cap settling and cap transportation

Installment of automatic trouble protected device

450barrels per hour 5gallon water line.jpg

450barrels per hour 5gallon water line.png

Detail photos:

450barrelshour 5gallon water line.jpg

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