900 Barrrles Per Hour 5gallon Water Production Line

CGF-900 barrel filling line as the central equipment is specially designed for 5 gallons barreled drinking water production line, which is ideal for production of mineral water, distilled water and purified water. The use of high quality stainless steel guarantees its high-performance resistance of corrosion and easiness of cleaning. With major electrical components coming from SIEMENS and OMRON, and components for gas path imported from AIRTAC, combined with interior and exterior spray nozzles for cleaning barrels provided by know-how expertise of American Spray Company. The machine is of compact design, high efficiency, accurate and sensitive response and high automation level to ensure its stability and reliability as an integrated (machine, electricity and gas) full-automatic barrel filling line.

Product Details

Main technical parameters

▶ Model:CGF-900

▶ Filling heads:6

▶ Filling capacity:5gallons

▶ Production capacity:900b/h

▶ Power supply:380V、50HZ;  

▶ Water consumption: 9T/H for filling; 2T/H for (heat) alkali rinsing(for duty cycle operation);2.25T/H for pure water rinsing

▶ The rinsing process includes 12 working procedures: 1. Pre-rinsing; 2. and 3. Rinsing with alkali lye; 4. Dropping dry; 5. and 6. Rinsing with cycle water; 7. Dropping dry; 8. and 9. Disinfectant solution; 10. and 11. Finished water; 12. Dropping dry.

▶ Structural form:Intermittent transmission by gears and racks; four filling valves.

▶ External dimensions(mm):5100×2600×2200

Notes on configuration

▶ Main parts and components of the complete machine are imported and rinsing nozzles are provided by American Spray Companies;

▶ Intelligent management by OMRON micro computer;

▶ Electrical components from SIEMENS;

▶ Pneumatic components from ARTIC;

▶ The complete machine is made of stainless steel specially for food processing;

▶ Installed with automatic cap sorting and sending system

900barrels per hour 5gallon water line.png

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