Automatic Fruit Juice Filling Machine

Automatic Fruit Juice Filling Machine is mainly used for beverage filling.
The machine consists of fully automatic rinsing, filling and capping.
It is suitable for filling juices, tea drinks, etc.
It is equipped with an optional thermostat that can be used for hot filling and is suitable for all types of bottles.
The neck suspension technology adjusts the height of the bottle to suit the height of the belt.

Product Details


Automatic Fruit Juice Filling Machine is a combination of flushing, filling and capping. It is suitable for the filling production of all kinds of pure water, mineral water, juice drinks and tea drinks. After simple adjustment of some parts, the machine can also be used for the filling of pure water and mineral water. It adopts microgravity negative pressure filling technology, which is more rapid, stable and accurate. The equipment is equipped with a perfect recirculation system to avoid secondary pollution and oxidation of beverages. It can meet the hot filling technology requirements below 95 °C, and is equipped with a CIP cleaning system, which can clean the liquid contact areas such as liquid cylinders and pipes. At the same time, it uses human-machine interface touch screen control, PLC computer control, inverter control and other advanced technologies.


capacity: 500ml5000800012000roud or square
PET bottle: (mm)PE srew cap
filling precision:0.15-0.35
rinsing pressure: (Mpa)0.2-0.250.2-0.250.2-0.258
overall size: (mm)2450*1800


1.Automatic Fruit Juice Filling Machine eliminates the traditional conveyor mechanism and uses advanced air delivery and roller transport technology, which makes it easier to change the bottle type.

2. The bottle feeding system uses the bottleneck clamp technology, and it is more convenient to replace the bottle type.

3. The specially designed bottleneck clamp is sturdy and durable, and does not come into contact with the bottle mouth to prevent secondary pollution.

4. The high-speed filling valve is filled quickly without liquid leakage.

5. The finished bottle is transferred from the capping machine to the bottle delivery chain through the bottle puller, and the three-in-one bottle machine is delivered by the conveyor chain.

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