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Labeler label how to achieve perfect visual effect

Nov 17, 2016

Labeling to achieve perfect visual effect. One of them is to avoid warping phenomenon in the labeling. In the pipe is not yet filling and labeling, paste filling and sealing the well again, while in the process of sealing the heating test of the label was especially grim, label from the bottom closer to Alice mark, the greater the possibilities. Almost every manufacturer has a similar problem in practical application, have various solutions:

(A), increasing the viscosity of the label, to make the labels strong. To achieve this effect, need to consider the following aspects:

① improving the surface quality of being flexible. Most of the surface of light oil, increases the difficulty of labeling, content leakage, wall porous and so on will cause the label up, how to avoid the occurrence of such problems, it should be a more important issue is that we should consider.

② control label label label pressure.

③ control temperature in the labeling process. Additional labeling temperature will lead to improved labeling effect, because as the temperature rises, internal physical activity increases, the label is more easily integrated with the tube.

(B) labels, use a soft material ductility of Alice good label will also be greatly improved.

(C), changing the shape of labels.

The arc at the bottom of the label, try to avoid sealing the deformation zone. ARC may not be going too deep or because the issue can easily lead to fold the label itself, add unnecessary trouble. For shaped sealing requires a label shape must be changed, not just to avoid warping can also increase the sense of beauty.

(Iv) eliminate the effects of static electricity.

The labelling process prone to static electricity, the labeling will affect the efficacy, appropriate labeling-climate, there will be improved by ion fan is a valid solution. Labeling machine equipped with climate control, more can be individually controlled internal cleanliness, so labeling from dirt, improving the quality of product labeling. So do no warping phenomenon in the process of labeling, Visual effects.