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Labeling machine fault handling

Nov 17, 2016

Yuan bian

Self-adhesive label in after processing into finished products, typically paper labels are wider than some, this is done to help when the customer label jiebiao. Labelling and packaging shipping and handling in the process it is easy to knock the label backing sheet on the edge of cracking causes small tears. Automatic labeler in labeling has a certain tension, label paper edge crack at bottom easily pulled off leads to labeling under the tension of belt breakage. Also have automatic labeling machine roller adjustment on inappropriate result roll fractured edge of label paper label faulting. Generally caused by rollers crushed the bottom paper labeling belt, more regular paper at the end of the RIP.

Tight cause

If rewinding finished labels too tight will cause adhesive glue squeezed out of the lead in the permeability adhesive, oozing the glue gets stuck in the back of the paper at the end of the roll of labels is not easy to release. This situation is particularly evident in the summer. If the label is quite narrow backing sheet in tensile strength per unit area is not too large. Automatic labeler in labeling, there is a certain tension. When a volume label to bleeding gum is used for automatic labeling, when during the labeling process is likely to remove the label base paper labeling machine tension and tension from within the volume under pulled off label faulting. This labeling of faulting due a pull pull off the backing sheet breaks no laws, but the fracture surface alignment.


Die-cutting quality of the same automatic labeling is easy to break with a great deal of influence, if die-cut bottom paper is caused by too much stress to wear cause tensile strength led to the paper label at the end of break. Die-cutting label broken bottom caused by surface fracture compared with paper alignment, and a crack in the die-cutting position.


If the backing sheet release layers (usually Silicon oil) was broken by damage can also lead to labeling. This situation caused by labeling belt, paper at the end of the fracture surface as jagged. Release layer damage caused due to raw material production of coating defects while in the process of printing factory fill due to improper technique can also cause bruising.