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Labeling machine features

Nov 17, 2016

Labels can be applied on different planes, wide application range.

Simple, flexible: add with calibration device can be realized on the uneven surface labeling. (Optional)

Labeling speed, effect, greatly improving production efficiency and product quality.

This machine is used for a variety of stickers and irregular plane product labeling.

Speed up to 250 bottles per minute, visible product differences.

Can be installed on any production line or single use.

If necessary remove the conveyor belt, can be changed according to the various needs for the stick and side ways.

According to the product needs can add the printer.

Interactive touch screen: easy to use, intuitive and has an extensive help function and fault display.

Labeling parameters stored: preset 50 set label parameter (including the size of the item and the length of the label), and when items are changed without resetting.

Chinese menu-information set and editing.

Flexible matching ink jet printer code synchronization is complete and labeling.

Effectively prevent leakage caused by the label roll stickers, stickers, stickers and other wrong question design features: intelligent management, the label prompts warning, optional image detection systems.

Stop using unique Emery drive roll structures: friction very well, characteristic of nonskid stop functionality is guaranteed and lasting.

Precision using electrical components imported from world famous brands, guarantee lasting stability and reliability.