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Labeling machine for three stages of development

Nov 17, 2016

Along with economic development, people's living standards improve, every product needs to indicate the production date of the circulation of information on shelf-life, packaging is the carrier of information, product labeling is a way to achieve it. Labeling machine is on the packaging or labelling of the product machine not only has a beautiful effect and more importantly can be achieved on the tracking and management of product sales, particularly in the pharmaceutical and food industry, such as exceptions can be started with accurate and timely product recall mechanisms.

One, from in the late 1980 of the 20th century to 1994 as the first stage. This phase is introduced, imitation abroad out of dysfunction of the labeling machine. When several labeling machine manufacturers produce only two labels (neck, and body) of the labeling machine, given that domestic equipment functionality, performance, appearance and quality of labeling and the importation of equipment gap is too wide, this period import labeler dominates in the Chinese market, most manufacturers choose imported automatic labelling machine.

Second, from 1995 to 2001 as the second stage. This stage is the labeling machine production phase of Ascension. A labeling speed upgrade from 24,000 bottles/hour up to 33,000 bottles/hour, the second is a labeling function improved, from two labels (neck, and body) up to four labels at the same time can head, neck, body and back labels.

Three, from 2002 to date for the third stage. Technical maturity of this stage is the Chinese labeling machine, labeling machine, China was a major turning point in history. This four-year domestic labeling machine manufacturing enterprises in competition with each other at the same time, also formed a tendency of labeling machine manufacturers with foreign competition, competition increased, improving development and innovation in the development, innovation and growth, through a "qualitative" leaps.