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Labeling machine industry

Nov 17, 2016

Purpose: automatic paste on the label, in the periphery, automatic labeling function;

Function: improve the efficiency of products posted object attached, attach location accurate and of high quality, high stability to avoid inefficient manual labeling, attaching Askew, glue uneven thickness and wrinkles and other problems, effectively reducing paste waste, lower labeling costs and improve product appearance, enhance the overall competitiveness of products.

Application: suitable for all industries including bottles, bags, plastic packaging and other materials:

Apply label: paper label (to paste on);

Applicable products: required circumference attach paste sticker on label of product;

Applications: widely used in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, wine and other industries;

Application examples: firecracker cold glue labeling, beer cold glue labeling, pesticide bottle cold glue labeling and so on.