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Labeling machine works

Nov 17, 2016

Work began to box at the conveyor belt to the labeler into a constant speed. Mechanical fixtures between the boxes a fixed distance apart and push boxes along the conveyor belt direction labeling machine mechanical system consists of a wheel, labeling a round, and a scroll. Drive wheel intermittent exercise to drag a label, label is pulled from the reel, and label after the label round wheel with the label on the box. Scroll using the displacement of open loop control to keep tension because the label with the label in the label is closely linked to each other, so label must constantly starting and stopping.

Label is a label wheel and the boxes were moved under the same speed of stickers on the box. When the belt reaches a particular location, label driving wheel to accelerate to match the belt speed, after tagged, then slowed to a stop.

Because labels may slip, so it has a registration mark, designed to ensure that each tag is correctly placed. Registration marks read by a sensor, label with a deceleration phase, will relocate the drive wheel to correct errors anywhere on the label.