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Marker sets brief description

Nov 17, 2016

1. high-speed stability, long service life: its unique smart, simple design in the industry is a thriving, this unique design for the machine provides technical support to the high-speed operation. Spare parts are used world well-known brand, especially electrical control system part, for on user is responsible for, on himself reputation is responsible for, all used related industrial industry of top products, from essentially guarantee has equipment of quality performance, addition it unique of closed design, in operation process in the not only on operation who, while on equipment system itself also up to has good of protection role, greatly extended has equipment of using life.

2. good safety performance: new marker sets fully embodies the harmony between human and machine in the design process design, equipment operations in the production process, always under a unique design of the protection system, if improper operation artificially pose a security risk, its security system detects and immediately stop operation, must be restored and inspection authority to continue.

3. use range: valid within the fold, regardless of the packaging was round, square, or other special shapes, made of glass, plastic, can be applied.

4. low running cost: bottles of a machine, only cutter is unique on the whole device worn parts, get easy, easy to replace, low cost burden.

5. replacement packaging: the modular set-up design, a bottle of more die from using any tools, just make some simple adjustments you can manually.