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Blowing Machine Operating Specifications

Nov 16, 2016

Automatic bottle-blowing machine safety practices necessary knowledge

(1) prior to the class start, you must lubricate the moving parts. (Robot, robot Rails, clamping guide rails)

(2) arm (3-4) days plus one. Heating large chain of small chain can be once a month. Always check whether the host heat reducer reducer, a shortage of oil. Bearing for 3 months plus the host again.

(3) check whether all moving parts before the production firm, screws are loose, particularly impact the ability of the local, the belt drive is abnormal.

(4) check the high pressure gas source, low pressure gas source, power supply, water is normal.

(5) check the emergency stop, safety door switch, protection devices detection switch is working.

(6) check the heating head into the embryo, embryo parts work properly. Insert nut embryo embryos is not in place with adjustable pressure device.

(7) check the lamp for damage, breakage. Must be promptly replaced.

(8) check the pneumatic component is leaking, the action is sensitive.

(9) check that the triplet is abnormal leakage, clogging, water glasses of water too.

(10) automatic bottle-blowing machine solenoid valves in case of anomaly, to be cleaned once every blowing 3.5 million cleaning.