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Blowing Machine Works

Nov 16, 2016

Stretch blow molding machine is divided into three categories: extrusion blow molding machines, injection blow molding machine and special bottle-blowing machine. Machining technology consists of one step and two step two. First-step and second-step molding process of bottle blowing machine, mainly used for PET and BOPP hollow container molding. Both have different characteristics, are widely used. By comparison, two steps better suited to focus on producing preforms, disperse bottle blowing and one-step devices are more suitable beverage company's online offer.

Blow bottle machine of blow business program main has 6 a steps: 1) first will heating Hou of plastic embryo into mold in the; 2) using lock die cylinder will mold bits tight; 3) again with high pressure or mechanical structure, makes embryo die lock; 4) in the high pressure pre blow gas, while stretch cylinder action makes embryo die expansion; 5) high pressure blow gas, bottle embryo according to mold stereotypes, and insurance pressure must time; 6) will has forming bottle in the of high pressure release, cylinder reset--take bottle.

Pneumatic equipment in applications where bottle-blowing machine is running very much from discharge-locking-drawing-high-pressure gas blowing \-take the bottle, this series of actions are done by auxiliary pneumatic equipment. Tensile pressure blows the air circuit, Figure 2 shows that we can see, gas is divided into two blocks, atmospheric pressure and high pressure in two parts.