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Kingmachine 30T Water Treatment System Put Into Use In Uzbekistan Famous Food Processing Enterprise GDF LLC

Feb 28, 2017

King machine manufactured 30T water treatment system had just finished final acceptance in demander's

(GDF LLC) side after finalizing the equipment installation and commissioning.


The demander(GDF LLC) was founded in 2012 to process the fresh agricultural products and increase 

marketability of Uzbek dried fruit and vegetable products in the world market.

na-peredelku-eng.pngThe 30T water treatment system manufactoried by kingmachine will be used on the prject of dried 

vegetable process for GDF LLC to washing the fresh vegetables.Since the water resource comes from 

ground water it must need the water treatment system multiple filtration to becomes potable water.

The treated water will be used to clean vegetables, after sifting cleaning and washing the vegetables 

will be processed into dried vegetables and put into the market for sales.


After test run our system in GDF LLC thet feels very satisfied with both our the machine quality and 

after service.They treated our engineer hospitable and took photos with our engineer.The 30T water 

treatment test runs stable and smooth now,once GDF LLC finished building the house for the water 

treatment system machine our machine can be put into use at any time.

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