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Light Weight Pet Collapsible Barrel Compare With Tranditional 3~5 Gallon Barrel

Jun 16, 2017

 light weight pet collapsible barrel compare with tranditional 3~5 gallon barrel


NameLight weight PET collapsible barrelTranditional 3-5 gallon barrel
MaterialPET(1st Food hygiene grade)7st Food hygiene grade PC; But some small enterprise will use the poor material which contains hazardous substance which will Dissolve in the water and contribute to the water pollution.
Permeability of the  packing material02:ccmil/100inc2 per day 5
CO2:ccmil/100inc2 per day 19
Steam:g mil/100inc2 per day 0.4
Organics:cc ,il/100inc2 per day 4.3
02:ccmil/100inc2 per day 250
CO2:ccmil/100inc2 per day 1600
Steam:g mil/100inc2 per day 2.5
Organics:cc ,il/100inc2 per day 33
Packing materials saftyPET cannot be involved in any other material.PC barrels on the market have been added no-foodgrade pigment.
Work flowinstant filling and capping after barrel blowing.Purchasing the empty barrel or recycle the old barrel in the warehouse then filling after some days later
Hygiene controlSingle-use and without any chemical agentReproducible but not environmental
Materials separate outPET can stand the high temperature and do not separate out hazardous substance.PC can not stand the high temperature and UV, and will separate out the BPA which can result of the canceration and other dysfunction. 
Drinking healthAll closed and no air contact during drinking time.With air admission during drinking time, 5 days later, drinking hygiene drops sharply. 7 days later,the FPY drops to 20%. 10 days later,total number of bacterial colony all exceed standard.  
EconomyReduce 40% cost. Material cost is higher than PET, it needs lots of money to purchase empty barrels and for drum broken.
TransportationSingle-use and without any feeTransportation needed for recycle. Not only iy cause the enviroment pollution, but also needs higher logistics cost.

StorageNo need and save the factory spaceBig storage space and personnel ganding needed , so add the labor cost. 
Packaging material propertiesWithout leakage for the injection-pulling-blowing technology. Smooth outside, health, permeability, cleaness. Hardly been broken for the injection tech. Density:1.33-1.36g/cm3PC is without qualitative organization and can be broken easily for its extruding tech. Density:1.20g/cm3.
Secondary poullutionThe water dispenser adopts the principle of atmospheric negative pressure, and causes negative pressure inside the water when the water is taken in, and the pressure container is contracted according to the special design line, so as to achieve the purpose of water intake, so no external air is entered, and no pollution is achieved.The air flows into the barrel to depend on the number of water quantity, they are equal.The pass of the external air is accompanied by bacteria and impurities to enter, even in a clean environment, per cubic meter of air also has about 4000 bacteria, and the external environment bacteria are more active and stronger, high survival rate, fast reproduction, causing the water pollution in the barrel.
ConvinenceCan change barrels easily for women and elder. Longer expiration date also save the water.Bearers are necessary for barrels change. With short expiration date, it also causes much water waste.
Sale rangeWith cartoon box packing, they can be sold to farther district. It is convinent for high quality  mineral to be sold to intensive-consumption market.Be restcicted by the recycle, you can not sell it to far destrict.
Consumption experienceSingle-use, clean, sealed.Reusing, air contactor, dirty.