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Maintenance Of The Blowing Machine

Nov 16, 2016

1 charging not charging: need to check situations:

If hopper is not material, if it is: the need to feed

Not: check that the elevator control contactor is in the State, if it is a State, check motor and load quickly, because this is likely to be made of preforms (embryo) jammed the elevator, then the easiest way is to help promote.

If you check the hoist control contactor is not in the State, please check preform testing electric eye and reflectors are not on the same line.

Old cards into the tray 2 feed: this is more of a headache problem from the experience if you preform (embryo), the length of the longer cut the weight of large, so this phenomenon is relatively rare.

3 blow into the bottle cannot be removed from the mold.

First of all molds should be open, with manual clamping, if normal, air condition run, if normal words.

Please check your time settings, if the exhaust are properly set, and a blow at a time of failure, you can tell if it is the exhaust valve problem, open the discharge valve check springs and seals it (there is a phenomenon of this failure is the exhaust louder than larger or have rows of dirty voice).

If you run into is that many modes of production normally incidental to the drive mode, check that the locking pin is a screw on the inside, please check whether the clamp is too large, if too large should be adjusted in accordance with the standards.