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Working Process Of Bottle Blowing Machine

Nov 16, 2016

First, warm up

Preform (embryo) by infra-red heat lamp exposure, preforms (embryo) slab (embryo) body heat to soften, to keep the bottle shape, preforms (embryo) that does not require heating, therefore requires a certain cooling device to cooling operation.

Second, blow molding

The preform is preheated in the phase (embryo) placed in the ready to blow-molded, high pressure air, preforms (embryo) required to blow into the bottle.

Commercially available blow molding machine is generally divided into automatic and semi-auto.

Automatic bottle-blowing machine operation by robot will be blowing the two operations together complete, eliminating the artificial preheated preforms (embryo) into the blow molding process. Greatly speed up the rate of production, of course, prices are higher than semi-automatic.