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Zhangjiagang King Machine devotes itself to the development, research and production of liquid food and beverage packing and filling industry. There are many teams serving the whole line from production to foreign trade. Sales Team, Production Team and QC Team are our main three teams.

Sales Team


There are twelve sales in our sales team, all of them  have well English communication and expressiveness, two of them even have more than ten years export trade experience in beverage filling equipments,they are good at providing customized projects according to customer’s actual situation and requirements ,and calculate customer’s investment returns from cost analysis.We have technical engineer and professional sales negotiation with every customer, if the sales not in scene temporary, we have other sales ect.

Production Team


There are five installation groups in production plant,every group is responsible for installing the appointed equipments, is leading   by more than five years experienced master,others are auxiliary workers or new joined member coordinate,take approval parts from the processing plant,we work overtime every Wednesday  and can finish the equipments in time which is based on both quality and quantity, we get the recognition of  new and old customer as the good quality and in time after sales service.

QC Team


We have two parts for our QC team

External processing inspection which before equipments installation,there is drawing for every parts external processing which should be signed by technical director,we won’t adapt the drawing without sign.After finished parts processing,we have experienced QC engineer inspect according to drawing by all kinds of measuring tools,if approve inspection(if in 13 TOLERANCE grade range),then can be warehouse in and wait for installation;if not pass inspection,will be rework or scrap disposal,for special parts which have size discrepancy,will be inspected and decided by production manager,so that oaccuracy rate for our parts on the equipments can reach 100%.

Inspection after equipments’ finishing.Equipments will be installed  by experienced master and after first step testing,will be checked by installation master,responsible installation master will connect and install all the equipments which customer purchased in our workshop,inspect equipments’ shake and noise,find problem and solve it before delivery,finally report to production department for recording;will make marks among equipments and video for these equipments before disassembling,so that can assure high efficiency installation in customer’s plant.

What’s more, we make a whole page of After-sales Service Team to serve you. If you want to know the details,you can  CLICK